Ticks Were Ruining My Backyard – Until I Found These Guys

Look, I’m no nature hater. I love living out here on eastern Long Island. Trees, fresh air… it’s great. But for the past few years, I’ve been dealing with a serious tick problem. It was bad. Couldn’t even let the dogs out without finding a few of those nasty bloodsuckers on them. Forget about enjoying a bonfire at night. I was starting to feel trapped in my own yard.

The Lyme Disease Scare

Then last summer, a friend of mine got Lyme disease – bad case too. That’s when I knew I had to do something serious about the ticks. I tried those DIY sprays you get at the store, but they didn’t seem to make a dent.

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Jones Tree and Plant Care to the Rescue

A neighbor recommended Jones Tree and Plant Care. They said they specialize in tick spraying for Suffolk County properties. I figured, why not give them a shot? Best decision I ever made.

These guys weren’t messing around. They came out, walked my whole property, and explained exactly where the ticks were likely hiding. Turns out, I had some overgrown brush that was like a tick paradise. They put together a plan – some clearing, some targeted spraying – and within a few weeks, I noticed a huge difference.

Back to Enjoying My Yard

Now, I’m not saying there are zero ticks, but it’s night and day compared to before. I can sit outside in the evening, the dogs can play, and I don’t have that constant worry about Lyme disease. Turns out, getting professional tick spraying in Suffolk County was worth every penny.

If you’re dealing with a tick problem like I was, don’t waste your time and money on those store-bought solutions. Call Jones Tree and Plant Care. They know their stuff and they’ll get your yard back to being enjoyable.